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patio grand opening

Friday, July 12 - Sunday, July 14


celebrate in the sunshine

Join us to celebrate our stunning new patio at an exclusive happy hour event.

The Details

  • Friday, July 12 - Sunday, July 14
  • 4pm-6pm
  • Only at Ozumo San Francisco
  • No Reservation Required

sake barrel breaking ceremony

The sake barrel breaking ceremony, known as "Kagami Biraki," is a traditional Japanese ritual symbolizing new beginnings and the opening of new opportunities. It is often performed at the start of ventures such as business openings or New Year celebrations to bring good fortune and ward off negative energies. The communal nature of the ceremony fosters unity and togetherness, as participants share sake to strengthen bonds and mutual respect. Kagami Biraki helps preserve Japanese cultural heritage, connecting modern celebrations with historical practices. Drinking the sake from the broken barrel is believed to bring good luck.

Sake Barrel Breaking will only take place on Friday, July 12th.